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CJ Orchards -  a Rutledge, Georgia original - invites you to find out why store-bought produce can't compete with just-picked freshness! Our peaches, blueberries, pecans, melons,  tomatoes and vegetables are all of the highest quality available - come see for yourself!
CJ Orchards
will CLOSE on
Wednesday, July 10th 2024.
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Thank you for a great Peach Season.
Carolyn and Jim Markley of CJ Orchards in Rutledge, GA
From our family to yours.


For over thirty-eight years, Carolyn and Jim Markley have run CJ Orchards — a Rutledge, Georgia community mainstay known for fresh produce, great service, and the kind of charm that can only be found on a family-run farm.

Our Favorite Recipes!


Not sure how to best enjoy all of that delicious new produce? Check out our Recipes Blog Page for some ideas!

Peach recipes from CJ Orchards
Fresh Produce - Available from CJ Orchards


From the ripe peaches that we pick to the plump blueberries that you pick.

A quick run-down of our produce selection. 

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